DinoPad is a new line of children’s games inspired by the world of dinosaurs and based on three-dimensional puzzles. We have synthesised the figures of the dinosaurs most popular with kids; the tyrannosaurus, triceratops, diplodocus, stegosaurus, and so on. Then, starting from their minimum expression, we have divided the mythical animals into pieces and then assembled them. The result is a series of symbolic and highly evocative dinosaurs, which kids will identify as soon as they see them. To complete the play environment we have added palm trees and other elements such as rocks.

In DinoPad, little adventurers invent their own characters and act out the stories they imagine. In addition to imagination, DinoPad stimulates children’s physical exercise and psychomotor skills. It is an easy-to-install children’s attraction, either dry or aquatic, for hotels and resorts, campsites, water, adventure and theme parks, shopping centres, among other tourist, leisure and free-time developments.

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