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3DTECH is a sophisticated manufacturing system based on 3D modelling with infinite applications: amazing figures and sculptures, decorative and theming elements, architectural features (facades columns, mouldings, ledges)

This innovative system also offers endless possibilities in entertainment and amusement projects: water parks, theme parks. amusement parks, zoos, shopping centres, family entertainment centres, adventure parks MultiAction pools for hotels, campings, municipalities any kind of entertainment project you can imagine.

The flexibility of our 3D system allows us a higher freedom of expression as we can reproduce designs of great complexity and imagination easier and quicker than with other traditional construction technologies.

The 3D modelling system also provides higher productivity. Thanks to customised software, a high-grade scanner and a robot specifically designed for this purpose, we have automated fabrication to produce large-scale reproductions of complex designs in short times, significantly reducing delivery schedules and costs. We only use high-grade materials in our production, so the safety and durability of the results provide additional savings through extended product life-times and lower maintenance costs.

Moulds or large series are not required to obtain competitive prices.

Using our 3DTECH product in any of its applications creates a unique and personalized space that defines the brand image of the project, generates an iconic reference, differentiates from the competition, improves user experience and ultimately contributes towards the success of the project or installation.

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3D-Tech technology combines the latest advancements in cad modelling and cnc automation with the creative use of new materials.

Architecture and Construction

Our 3DTECH technology is an ideal option for architectural and construction works, especially in the case of facade refurbishings that require special shapes or are hard to accomplish with other materials. With our system we can reproduce any detail or texture and transform a simple construction into an iconic building with a unique character, no matter if it is futuristic or a realistic reproduction of classic styles.

Our team of designers, architects and engineers is able to develop each element by personalizing not only its appearance, but also its technical characteristics, anchoring systems and even optimizing its loads on existing structures.

Theming Works

One of the most obvious ways to distinguish yourself from competition is theming. Be it a residential complex, a leisure park, the setting of a movie or even a shopping center, theming transports visitors to an exclusive and unique environment. With 3DTECH technology we can create any themed environment and manufacture any decorative element, totally personalized and unrepeatable.

The great experience that our designers, architects and technicians have allows to develop the theming of a complex so that it can change over time, providing visitors with new experiences and sensations.

From museum exhibitions to brand presentations

From museum exhibitions to brand presentations, 3DTECH technology boasts undisputed advantages over other materials. Any object can be reproduced to the desired scale in a quick, simple and cost-effective way. The result is appealing, a true eye-catcher.

That is why this technology is very appropriate for large-scale reproductions of products used in advertising campaigns, to add signage elements to existing buildings, or for exhibitions with educational content.

Whether to decorate buildings or as independent pieces, sculptural works are one of the most obvious applications of 3D modelling, perhaps the most obvious one. It is a very flexible and powerful tool of artistic expression, regardless of the scale to be reproduced (where size does not matter).

Our 3DTECH system allows you to break up a work of art, prefabricate all the parts and assemble them quickly on site. This considerably reduces execution times and costs.

Thanks to 3DTECH technology we can offer our customers a wide range of attractions and games for children, as well as fun decorative figures. Customised games with infinite different combinations for all types of playgrounds, water parks, theme parks and urban parks.

All our games and attractions for children, as well as all the products we sell comply with the European Regulations on material quality and safety. For a safe and lasting fun. Children are the most important to us. They come first!


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